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Dress Hire

Beginner, primary, Elementary and a limited number of intermediate dresses can be hired from the studio throughout the year for Competitions and Performances. Please note that beginner dancers can only wear simple older style dresses or leotard/blouse and Skirt for competitions but are free to wear elaborate solo dresses for studio performances and unregistered competitions.

Dress hire costs $65.00 Inc per performance or competition or $250.00 Inc to hire and keep the dress for a 12 month period. Please note a reduced hire rate is applicable for dancers from Spreagadh na Rince. Payment is accepted by Eftpos , Cheque or cash. Cheques should be made payable to Spreagadh na Rince.

The school has a number of dance costumes but it is not always possible to fit every child. If there is not a costume suitable you will be given some other options.

Money raised from the hire of the costumes goes towards maintaining and repairing the costumes and also towards new team costumes for the studio.

Care Of Your Hire Costume
* Your dress must be returned to Kelly or Sarah at the first class after the performance/competition or on the nominated date listed on your invoice if it is a 12 month Hire.

The studio has a very strict policy that a dress cover, smock or even a large shirt must be worn over the costume when your child is at a competition.

* Do not attempt to wash or Iron the Dress – the dresses are delicate and need to be cleaned by professionals.

* Please make sure that your child does not pick at the sequins and crystals on the dress, they will fall off!

* Please only put your child in their costume right before they dance and take it off as soon as they leave the stage.

* Spot clean any marks or make up stains as soon as they occur, baby wipes are great for this. Wearing a dress smock and not eating whilst wearing the dress will prevent most spills. If a spill does occur you are to contact Kelly or Sarah Immediately.

* Always store the costume in the garment bag provided.
* If your hire costume has a stiff front panel, please store the costume lying flat e.g. under a bed in a dress bag.